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This is a great option for turtles who have struggled to eat well. Most consumers report that their turtles have started to gain weight and size and had much better appetites within a matter of three or four days. Another winner from Zoo Med, this natural food for aquatic turtle is one of the absolute top sellers across all pet suppliers. This is a maintenance formula designed for adult turtles or those over six inches long. There are no artificial ingredients in this turtle food, including no colors or artificial flavors.

The pellets float, making it ideal for aquatic turtles who feed at the surface of the water. And these particular pellets come highly recommended by zoos, veterinarians, and professional breeders alike. The balanced nutrition in this formula comes from natural plants and fruit ingredients. This food is also fortified with the vitamins and minerals your turtle pal needs and comes recommended by veterinarians who specialize in care for reptiles. These pellets provide the percent nutrition necessary for your box turtle, with both the protein and the plants necessary for omnivores.

They help promote healthy shell and bone growth and maintenance. For the best quality of the food, only give your turtle what he can eat in a single day.

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After about twenty minutes, the remainder of the food will sink to the bottom, where your turtle may continue feeding later in the day, if he so desires. This formula is complete balanced nutrition, enriched with necessary vitamins, and designed for both salt water and fresh water turtles. Each choice is highly rated among real users and is packed with nutrients that your reptile buddy needs. Before purchasing any pet food, be sure to verify that the specific item is for the kind of turtle you have, whether land or aquatic, and be sure there are no warnings or issues that may affect your particular pet.

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The best options include:. Foods for Baby Turtles You should also remember that baby turtles, like all young animals, require slightly different diets than adults.

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Where to Buy Turtle Food. Feeding Frequency for Turtles. The Best Turtle Food Options. How We Reviewed the Turtle Foods To determine which of our turtle food options are the best, we looked for reviews by turtle enthusiasts of all levels across the web. Each has been scientifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of aquatic turtles at each of their life stages.

The Hatchling formula is higher in protein to accommodate the rapid growth rates of hatchling and juvenile aquatic turtles. Robert G. Breene III. Turtles in Captivity. Russ Gurley. David A. Glenn Kvassay. Boa Constrictors in Captivity. Vin Russo. Freshwater Aquarium Models.

Savannah Monitors Complete Herp Care. Mark K. Popular Tortoises. Phillippe De Vosjoli. Kathy Willis. Jerry G. Aquarium Care of Livebearers. Ted Dengler Coletti. Chameleons in Captivity. Connie Dorval. Saltwater Aquarium. Ben Aller. Getting Into Mini Reefs. Jim Fatheree. Gary Ferguson. Gideon Smith. Tarantulas and Scorpions in Captivity.

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John Manning. Russ Case. Popular Amphibians. Saltwater Aquarium Models. Charlie Affleck. Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard Habitat. Scott Edwards. Green Anoles. Snail Care for Beginners. Santos Barber. Najma Dharani.

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The Leopard Gecko Manual. Philippe De Vosjoil. Keep Your Fish Safe. Eileen K. Kingsnakes and Milksnakes in Captivity. Robert Applegate.

Chameleons of Southern Africa. Krystal Tolley. Ornamental Fish Farming. Brian Andrews. Tadpole Care for Beginners. Melvin Hoffman. Popular Tree Frogs. The Koi. Nancy Copeland. Freshwater Aquarium. Adults typically grow to about 6 inches in length. Red-eared slider turtles also known as sliders are the most common species of pet turtle.

These are the kind that you find swimming around in tanks at your local pet store. While the baby turtles are often 4 inches in size or smaller, adults can grow up to 11 inches long, which means you might have to upgrade the size of your tank in the near future. Box turtles are land-dwelling, or terrestrial, turtles.

They are found in damp areas, such as the mossy parts of forests, all over the world. If you live in a temperate area with an average temperature between degrees , an ideal habitat for a box turtle is an outdoor pen with high walls and a top to ward off predators. If you live in a colder or warmer climate, set up an indoor area for your box turtle. Box turtles love to dig, so make sure they have lots of dirt, potting soil, shredded newspaper or scraps of carpet to satisfy them.

Never place your outdoor turtle in a glass tank. The glass will heat up like a greenhouse and end up cooking your poor pet!

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In their natural habitat, aquatic turtles, like the red-eared slider, live in swampy, muddy areas with thick vegetation, such as lakes and ponds. They require a habitat with plenty of clean water for swimming as well as dry land where they can rest, hide and bask in the sun. A tank that can hold at least 40 gallons should give your pet turtle an adequate amount of room to move around in.