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If you can imagine it, chances are our products will be part of it. We own and operate refineries that manufacture 94 percent of the refined petroleum products made in the United States and petrochemical facilities.

Maker's Row and the future of American manufacturing - Small Empires

We make significant investments that increase the safety of our employees, facilities and communities, and reduce the impact on the environment. Today, affordable fuels and petrochemicals are made and refined more safely, cleanly and efficiently than ever before, and more breakthroughs are to come. We are proud of the people of our industries. The fuel and petrochemical industries are two of the largest U.

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We offer a wide range of opportunities for those looking for high-growth careers. Our facilities are tightly linked to their communities and this money directly supports first responders, teachers and other public employees. This is in addition to the thousands of volunteer hours our employees contribute in their local communities.

It aims to increase awareness on recent advances in this multidisciplinary field, discuss open research challenges, and tackle them with a hands-on session to design or prototype new assistive technologies. Through the discussion of different positions on Machine Teaching and Explainable ML, we aim to articulate an updated HCML research agenda and strengthen this community moving forward. Advances in Robotics offer exciting opportunities for robots to become socially collaborative technologies.

But are we ready for and are the robots capable of enabling a good user experience? This workshop provides a venue within CHI for research through design RtD practitioners to present their work and discuss how, with whom, and why it is used. It will also focus on how RtD artifacts are used, with the goal of connecting diverse works with broader methodologies in HCI and Design.

Philosophy informs HCI on how we navigate, experience, understand, and judge the world with its artifacts. In this one-day workshop, attendees will discuss philosophically-informed research, epistemological and practical concerns when pairing philosophy with HCI, and how philosophy can help us understand and design for users. With the rise of big data, there has been an increasing need to understand who is working in data science, and how they are doing their work.

We invite researchers to share their observations, experiences, hypotheses, and insights, in the hopes of developing a taxonomy of work practices and open issues in the behavioral and social study of data science and data science workers. The one-day CHI workshop Troubling Innovation: Craft and Computing Across Boundaries aims to bring together scholars and practitioners and scholars working at the intersection of craft and computation.

We gather a globally distributed group of craft contributors whose work reflects crucial but under-valued HCI positions, practices, and pedagogies. This one-day workshop aims to investigate how we should be rethinking digital interactions so they can be more meaningful and promote wellbeing. Industry and academic participants will discuss what digital wellbeing means, who is responsible for it, and whether and how we should design for it.

Marta E. Participants will get the opportunity to engage with senior HCI mentors and peers, and will come away with a better understanding of how they want to develop as HCI researchers. The event is open for applications from all members of the international HCI community who have received their PhDs in the past five years. Anke M.

The use of speech as an interaction modality has grown considerably. This multidisciplinary workshop aims to critically map out and evaluate theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches across a number of disciplines and establish directions for new paradigms in understanding speech interface user behaviour.


Immersive Analytics explores next-generation interfaces for understanding and exploring data. Participants will join in a group prototyping session aimed at identifying new design approaches and new prototyping methods for the design of interactive data-centric interfaces. This interactive, collaborative workshop is a multidisciplinary forum for academics and practitioners in the intersection of HCI and journalism. The key question is: How can HCI support accurate, impartial and transparent journalism?

The participants will engage in developing a roadmap for HCI for accurate, transparent and impartial journalism.

Whatever you're looking for, chances are you can find a product that supports American jobs.

With the rise of live streaming and esports in recent years, it becomes increasingly important for the HCI community to understand this phenomenon and the implications it has for all digital experiences. We are looking for researchers and designers who want to work on live-streaming to join our workshop at the Computer-Human Interaction CHI conference in Glasgow, Scotland this May.

Our goals are to increase awareness of live-streaming within the HCI community, to start a discussion about research and design opportunities in the streaming context, and to generate new questions about research relating to this topic. This workshop looks to build provocations and principles for and with HCI researchers who are or wish to become responsible innovators.

China’s Next Leap in Manufacturing

By asking attendees to think about the social, environmental, and economic impacts of ICT and HCI this workshop will explore how research innovation frameworks speak to responsible HCI innovation. The workshop investigates the fundamental requirements and design criteria for automation that are experienced in everyday situations across diverse application contexts.

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In particular we strive to come up with a set of principles for three key areas of everyday automation experience: intelligibility, experienced control, and capturing automation experience. Discussions during the workshop centered around measurement strategies, as well as challenges encountered by both retailers and manufacturers in the context of the North American markets. Also reinforced was the importance of having conversations across multiple departments — from finance to operations to procurement — to build the business case for measurement and action.

During the workshop, the group began to explore ways for companies to address the barriers to measurement and how to overcome them. The importance of date labeling standardization was also discussed by the group.

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In mid, the CGF Board approved a resolution to halve food waste within the individual operations of its retailer and manufacturers members by and to support wider UN Goals on the issue. Central to the Food Waste Resolution was the aim to set a clear benchmark for food waste arising today and set measurable goals to reduce food waste in the future.

More details to follow in the coming months.