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Snide Talk with Girls : From the Allentown Morning Call, 1896 to 1900

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Let kids know they're nearing the disrespectful zone with some prearranged signal. This red flag gives them a clear warning that more-drastic action will follow if they don't stop what they're doing, and, in public, it also allows them to save face in front their friends, which makes them more likely to be compliant than if you had barked out a direct order.

Carolina Fernandez, a mom of four in Ridgefield, CT, has a catchphrase she'd utter whenever her nowyear-old daughter, Cristina, was giving her attitude. I'll admit that my knee-jerk response to a cutting comment is often to toss a zinger right back at the offending child so she'll see how it feels. Not the best move, says Borba, because it condones the behavior.

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It's better to model responding in a non-sarcastic way. If you can't squelch your temper, follow Hicks's plan and call a family meeting to discuss the sass when everyone is calmer. Her smart strategy: Sticking to "I" statements so her kids don't get defensive and tune her out. Sure, sarcasm may not be the worst offense a teen can commit, but that doesn't mean he can break the no — back talk rule with impunity. If your child isn't responding to the gentle methods above, step up your response.

Follow the Parenting law you've used since he was a toddler: Spell out the consequences of breaking the rule beforehand, and make sure that you can and do follow through. Here's how Chris Crytzer, of Pittsburgh, deals with unrepentant smart aleckism from her kids, Justin, 14, and Kirsten, "If it's severe enough, I'll take away the computer, TV, and video games at the same time.

Stopping the Back Talk

It really works. The secret to making such punishments effective, says Kevin Leman, Ph.

One catty is equaled to half of a kilogram. The great sword weighed 40 catty 20Kg , and was nearly impossible wield by normal people. Damn, that girl looks like she weighs at least catty! Usually used to refer to those of the female gender, describing the typical " high-maintenance " girl.

Synonym for or may be used in conjunction with : petty, bitchy, conceited , malicious. Alyssa , the particularly catty girl down the hall, loved to spread rumors to instigate fights amongst the other girls.

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Catty unknown. Though it is most often used in reference to women, it can be used in reference to men as well. Karen: It's Emily: Wow, that was catty , Karen! Generally females acting in a childish and somewhat aggressive matter; gossip whores ;.