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There is also the fear factor.

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Taliban militants who express an interest in reintegration projects risk death. People who have enquired about jobs have been threatened, Western officials say. And it could deal a psychological blow to his supporters and disrupt operations.

But Mullah Baradar has not enjoyed close ties to the Pakistanis, a former Taliban official said, and may refuse to cooperate. If he is co-opted, Baradar could lose credibility.

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And even if he is willing to risk that to cut a deal, the Taliban are not one single movement that thinks and acts in unison. Factions could reject his efforts and undermine any progress. The arrest of two Taliban shadow governors and a U. But that may not be enough to force them to consider laying down their arms and negotiating, since they are in a position of strength.

Seth G. Jones (E-kitapları)

Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. Still, Jones said NATO estimates that the Taliban command between 20, and 25, fighters a figure that's been static for years , despite the U.

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That means at most, 8. Reintegration focuses on luring in Taliban foot soldiers, not leaders like Mullah Omar.

Typically, a local or tribal leader will approach a government office or a military unit to broker a peace deal. That sets off a 90 day period of trustbuilding, in which fighters register their weapons with the government and record their biometric data to be eligible for benefits.

Seth G. Jones (E-kitapları)

At the end, it's the community's responsibility to keep the reintegrated fighters from rejoining the war. That's all supplemented by less formal reintegration deals or truces that insurgents make with local NATO commanders.

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John Campbell, commander of NATO forces in the east, told reporters on Tuesday that he's " seeing a lot more of the informal " reintegration, "where the governors are really picking up; people are coming to the governors, subgovernors and governors of the 14 different provinces we have. One factor Jones can't yet say is driving reintegration: the death of Osama bin Laden, something Maj.

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Richard Mills predicted would have a psychological impact on Afghan fighters. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.