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What do you do? What are the words 2 where fro m teacher o ur is? Listen and check. Learn m o re about word o rder in questio ns and practise it. Look at the typical spellings of until o mebody ays yes. Then ask the fo llow-up the e sound s. Continue w ith the other questions, ask ing different students. F Do you drink a lot of coffee! How many cups I go to bed early during the week? W hat time D Q I spend a lo ng time o n Facebook every day? How long I go somewhere nice o n Saturday?

I see a good film last week? What film Practise saying the letters in each ci rei e.

What kind? How do you first name spell it? He doesn't like sport. I her picture. What two questio ns doe Luke's frie nd ask him? How does Luke answer the second questio n? What is she like? What does she look like? What colour hair does she have? Is she shy?

He r father is Spanish a nd her mother is English. She lives in Brighton and a Who do you think knows you better, your mother she doesn't have a partner at the moment. Her mother, Alice, chooses a man she thinks is perfect for her or father o r your best friend?

The BIG series of LITTLE problems

Which the article. I love going to the cinema, but I often feel like staying at home w ith a good book,' says Charlotte. I th ink I have a good sense of humour. Then what happens?

Well, I like interesting c ow read what C ha rlotte says. With a partne r gue men who can make me laugh.

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Physically, I prefer men the meaning of the highlighted words a nd phrase. And I don't usually like men with beards! I like men who d Cover the text. Can you remember? Both my mum and my best friend know me very 3 W hat kind of men does f doesn't she like?

Perhaps Katie could find me a guy who is physically more compatible, but my mother has A 4 W ho does she think is going to choose better? I She have a partner at the moment. He hac; brown eyes. Which letter do you add to most verbs wi th he, she, and it?

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The difference is quite s mall. Learn more abo ut t he present simple a nd prac t ise it. Find out about them. Do you have a friend who is looking for a partner? Help him I her to find one! D oes s he wa nt to see him again? As k a nd a nswer about yo ur people. Compa re the info rmatio n. D o you th ink the two people are compatible?

Do you agree w ith her? What ar e t he models a Look at the painting o n p. M atch the wo rds a nd clo thes. In pairs, describe the m a n a nd the wom a n.

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D shoes D skirt b Underline the co rrect form of tbe verb, present continuous or present simple. D top 1 In the painting the man isn't wearing f doesn't wear shoes. D trousers 2 In the UK women often wear f are wear ina big hats at wedd ings. Learn mo re about the present co ntinuous and practise it.

What are the people weari ng? What are they do ing? Liste n aga in.

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Ma rk the sente nces T true o r F fal se. Which sound do they have, 1 o r 2?

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