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If he says something is impossible, it is. My name is Rachel. I think. I also have a mountain of student loans and a smart mouth. It was only party banter! My off-the-cuff idea might not be so terrible. We get along as friends.


But to get the all-important controlling shares of the company, he does need a wife. Wicked intrigue unfolds as an unlikely marriage leads to a path of risky desire in the lush, green Scottish Highlands. One Daring Widow In the social whirl of Regency England, Elizabeth Chudderley is at the top of every guest list, the life of every party, and the belle of every ball. But her friends and admirers would be stunned to know the truth: that the merriest widow in London is also the loneliest. Miss Grace Fairchild is under no illusions about her charms.

Jude Bertrand is not an excellent dancer. Nor does he wear the most fashionable coats. Desperately in need of the money, Esther agreed. A scandal of their own making Nikolai Cunningham has kept his family history secret for seventeen years. So when photographer Emma Sanders is granted exclusive access to his childhood home, he returns to Russia to ensure it stays hidden. But when his mother dies and he finds himself saddled with her debts, he needs a wife and he needs one fast.

An exacting Englishwoman… Lady Cordelia knows that hastiness in husband hunting leads to mistakes. Injured in a riding accident ten years ago, Nell was left with a fiance who abandoned their engagement, a slight limp, terrifying nightmares, and the firm belief that she will never marry.

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But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch. Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal. To a fiery red-headed virgin. And a curse.

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Successful career woman Asuka Takanashi has an old-fashioned dream of getting married and becoming a housewife. After her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her to pursue his own career goals, she encounters popular newscaster Ryu Nanami. Asuka and Ryu get along well, but the last thing he wants is to ever get married.

This levelheaded pair who want the opposite things in life should never get involved, except….

Redeemable Rogues

She needs a husband by Christmas, or the holidays will ring in nothing but ruin. Practical, ambitious mill owner Dante Hartwell offers to marry Joan, because a wellborn wife is his best chance of gaining access to aristocratic investors. Factory mechanic Duke Crawford just wants to watch SportsCenter in peace.

The only way out? Marry huge, gruff, gladiator look-alike Duke—for show, of course. Love begets madness. But when his sire arranges to marry flame-haired fortune hunter Portia Gadstone, Locke is compelled to take drastic measures to stop the stunning beauty from taking advantage of the marquess. A marriage of mutual pleasure could be convenient, indeed. Desperation forced Portia to agree to marry a madman.

In an unforgettable debut, Lisa Berne introduces you to the Penhallow Dynasty—men destined to marry, but hesitant to love. Joss McNab needs a wife. A marriage for protection in the midst of a wartime retreat becomes the passion of a lifetime in this classic Signet Regency Romance from Carla Kelly.

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Once the flames are ignited. Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented. Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift, she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities. They will burn for eternity. Lord Benjamin Archer is no ordinary man. Valoree no longer has to masquerade as her murdered brother and scourge the oceans as Captain Red.

She no longer has to command his pirate band in a quest to regain his birthright. She has been named heir to Ainsley Castle. The population is beset by shapeshifters and portents, landscapes that migrate, uncanny allies who are not quite human…and enemies eager to take advantage of the chaos. The Rogues of Regent Street With her trademark sensuality and dazzling storytelling, Julia London brings us the Rogues of Regent Street, three dashing, aristocratic gentlemen whose scandalous exploits are the talk of the ton.

Adrian Spence, Earl of Albright, has earned his notoriety on the dueling field, an din the finest drawing rooms-and boudoirs-of England.

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A marriage in name only… To save her family home, impulsive bookstore owner, Alexa Maria McKenzie, casts a love spell. England, Miss Adeline Hays is out of options. Instead, Adeline accidentally enters the wrong chamber and tumbles into the bed of the mad duke. Edmond Rochester, the duke of Wolverton, is seeking a wife to care for his two daughters. One duel could be considered a matter of honor, but three duels are attempted murder! A pact is sealed in secret behind the foreboding walls of Newgate Prison.

In return for a night of unparalleled pleasure, a dashing condemned criminal consents to wed a beautiful heiress, thereby rescuing her with his name from an impending and abhorred arranged union. A stunning historical romance from debut author Sandra Lake transports readers to 12th century Sweden, where a powerful Viking lord will discover a fierce heart cannot be taken by mere force.

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  8. Lida was married to the love of her life for just two months when she became a widow. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary. They want a settled man to lead the company? When Sebastian Townshend, son of the eighth Earl of Edgewood, was banished from his family due to the tragic results of a duel, he vowed never to return to England.

    Now living on the continent, Sebastian has forged a new identity as a deadly mercenary, The Raven. But his former neighbor, Lady Margaret Landor, has different plans for him. Widowhood, however, brings a host of problems. For her husband deliberately spent the money intended for Virginia and her in-laws, leaving them penniless— unless she produces an heir. An Indecent Proposal! That is, until she deliberately ruins the betrothal of a notorious laird, Robert, Marquis of Methven. In this searing stand-alone installment of the erotic Game Maker Series, 1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole brings readers a tale of a man wracked with dark desires and the beautiful young woman who could sate him at last.

    A madman with a shadowed past. Obsession takes root deep inside him. In s Seattle, a man with a wife could secure himself acres of timberland.