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Since its appearance on the scene over a decade ago, the podcast has taken over popular culture. There are weekly shows about everything from pop culture and politics to true crime and trivia and beyond. Although each program is different, many of the most popular podcasts have one thing in common: their ability to tell a good story, week after week.

Whether you're hitting the road, heading to the gym, or just trying to brighten up your daily commute, here are 10 storytelling podcasts you'll love listening to if you love short stories. Featuring fiction and non-fiction narratives alike, these shows will scratch that narrative itch when reading a book just isn't an option.

Like the not-for-profit organization that it gets its name from, The Moth podcast is dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Each weekly episode of this Peabody Award-winning show featured audio of curated, unscripted, first-person stories from live Moth events, including their flagship Mainstage program and their variety of story slams. Don't let the name fool you: Radiotopia's The Truth features everything but.

Life Unscripted: Short Stories for Everyday Women

Each immersive minute episode takes listeners on a strange fictional journey through a different short story. A fully immersive listening experience, The Truth just may be the perfect podcast for fans of the short story who are looking to enjoy narrative fiction in a whole new way.

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His face, like his voice, is quite out of character. He is like a bad actor, who turns a part grotesque. As if he must savor and insist on just what is shameful and terrible about this. This is not to say he is pretending, that he is acting, and does not mean it. He is acting and he means it. Rose knows that, she knows everything about him. Here, it is the aggressive drive which is in question: the brutality of the description of the attack shows that there is pleasure; there is physical and psychical release in the violence being perpetrated.

The deployment of the theatrical metaphor provides for the simultaneous representation of hatred and pleasure: repression is released and social duty performed. Her father is after her, cracking the belt at her when he can, then abandoning it and using his hands.

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Bang over the ear, then bang over the other ear. Back and forth, her head ringing. Bang in the face. Up against the wall and bang in the face again. He shakes her and hits her against the wall, he kicks her legs. She is incoherent, insane, shrieking. Forgive me! Oh please, forgive me! Stop stop! We read:. Not yet. Being a follower of Christ means to constantly look for Kingdom opportunities. The Lord said leap.

So here I am. Flying mid-air. Reliant on Him.

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It has been an incredible journey that will carry and propel me into the rest of my life and all that God holds for me. It equips us for life to always take the time to listen to God and learn to obey as a choice made out of love for God not for people. This means instead of pre-planned ministry alongside our ministry partners, your day-to-day ministry is largely unstructured.

You will occasionally intersect with our ministry partners and local pastors who will give your team a cultural briefing as you enter new continents, but they will not specify your daily ministry activities as is done on the World Race. Those ready to take initiative, start conversations, and build relationships with people you meet will have the most success on this journey.

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Forgot your password? Click HERE. World Race Unscripted.

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Where Will Unscripted Take You? January World Race: Unscripted. Led by the Spirit What would it be like to be led by the Spirit? Do you have what it takes to be a World Racer? Take the quiz.

Step into a Lifestyle of Following the Voice of God

Unscripted Learning Just in case it all sounds a little vague, let us reassure you that Unscripted follows the outline of the World Race: it goes to some of our favorite World Race countries. Featured In. What does the experience include?