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We specialize in creating outdoor rooms that match your life and the way you want to live. But we take it personally.

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I love to barbecue and grill, so outdoor kitchens have become something of a specialty. And I love the sounds of water, so water features are another specialty at which we excel. Our projects often use native stone as a construction material and a design element. We use it in wall construction, to create paths, water features, driveway borders, and to anchor displays of plants. Our water features are usually built with stone as well. Stone and water always work well together — in ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and pool areas.

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When we are not making water beautiful, we also manage it. We always pay attention to drainage and irrigation requirements when we design every project, and tackle many jobs that simply drain or move water. The finishing touch to many projects is the plants — flowers, shrubs, and trees.

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  5. Care and attention to detail means we are the best choice for you, because our approach yields the greatest benefits for you, our customer. Bob will set a date to begin and will be there. He sets his Very reasonable by the way prices and does not exceed. If you truly want to hear the details and praises of this team sung from the rooftops from a very satisfied couple in the Madison, WI area and the work they performed, I will gladly make myself known to his public as a solid recommendation and will provide my number through him.

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    Earthscapes will be that company I call for any of my landscaping needs including the many other services needed in your outdoor living that they provide. Earthscapes will also be the only landscaping company I refer to anyone interested in their landscaping needs and projects. Well done Bob The final grading, design, and appearance of our property is rewarding and brings a smile to our face.

    Earthscapes performed exceptionally well and provided friendly service in a timely manner. Initially, we experienced molding mulch and were dissatisfied with its appearance. The owner, Bob, was immediately responsive to our needs and ensured us that if the molding re-occurred the following year it would be replaced at no extra cost. The following year, Bob and his crew did just that. We can home one unsuspecting night to find Earthscapes had removed all of our old mulch and had replaced it with new. The new mulch has met our expectations and has brought a new richness to our property.

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    Thank you Earthscapes and crew for your concern, honor. We will not hesitate to call for future landscaping needs. We are enjoying our patio which is well constructed with pavers. It has remained level, yet slopes gently away from our home to provide great water run off. The pavers are all properly placed and the design is beautiful. Your follow-up to make sure all was in place as it should be was greatly appreciated!

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    Now on to our fence. It is perfectly level and standing straight. We could not have done it without you. Additionally, we appreciated your care with lawn repair after the fence was installed.

    You left our site better than you found it.. Your crew always showed up as planned and it was apparent that they loved working as a team.

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    Thank you so much again for your quality work. Earthscapes Contact Us.

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