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Mother Nature, too, continually tries to kill us: The Waldo Canyon fire ripped through Colorado Springs in , chasing more than 30, people from their homes. A year later, flooding along the Big Thompson River destroyed more than 1, houses and damaged another 19, structures.

Then there are the wild cards—asteroids, artificial intelligence, bioterrorism. Moments away from a U. We used to take disaster prep seriously. So the Mile High City embraced vigilance: By , the metro area had more than stocked civil defense shelters that would dole out supplies and provide lodging if our comrades to the east opened fire. Those defense shelters sit unstocked today. No wonder an increasing number of Coloradans are taking disaster readiness into their own tactical-glove-wearing hands.

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Attendees will check out the latest in survivalist couture, discover how to build dwellings out of hemp, and learn about a bunker community in Colorado Springs. Rather than condemn preppers as alarmist nut jobs, we decided to explore their best practices. Mapping out the various threats that could cause doomsday in the Mile High City and how probable they actually are. Pandemic The most likely threat is something akin to the influenza pandemic of , which killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million people by The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says 3, to 33, Coloradans could perish during the next similarly dangerous influenza outbreak.

Hazardous Materials From the Suncor oil refinery to the Marston Water Treatment Plant, there are spots in the Denver metro area that use hazardous materials in large quantities. Nuclear War Colorado Springs is a much more attractive destination than Denver for nukes, anyway. But if a nuclear bomb did strike Denver, 60, people would die within hours, according to a simulation by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

But a U. The simulation explored what would happen if terrorists released an aerosol containing fatal pneumonic plague into the ventilation system at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Using contagion patterns, experts guesstimated that within four days the pandemic would have spread as far as London and Tokyo. Baseline emergency planning means storing water and nonperishable food.

Earning the mantle of prepper requires a bit more prepping. Jason Marsteiner, owner of Colorado Mountain Man Survival school in Cripple Creek, agreed to share the contents of his bug-out bag with At only three pounds, this Pueblo-made filtration system is classified as a purifier because it kills With it, you can make like a deer and fill up from streams and ponds as you escape through the backwoods.

Check out fema. Warbonnet also sells heavy-duty tarps to shield you from the rain and wind, making a tent obsolete.

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You need it to cook, boil water, and survive cold weather. This souped-up carabiner, designed in Englewood, not only boasts a fire wheel capable of lighting tinder, but it also conveniently clips to your fanny, er, waist pack and features a blade for cutting fishing line.

But you do need to be able to eat when your food stores dwindle. That includes the highly effective Paiute deadfall, one of the many traps Marsteiner teaches for felling prey such as raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. Note: Trapping is illegal in Colorado without a license, but this is the apocalypse—all bets are off. Follow our path out of the Mile High City. You need a central spot for your family and MAG to meet and grab gear. Yes, bikes: Worst-case scenario i. So plan to flee by bike or on foot.

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Wait an hour for your group to arrive. After that, move on without no-shows—no exceptions. Located south of Ruby Hill Park, Chatfield is far enough from the downtown madness but reachable within four to five hours on foot.

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Here, you can catch your breath and check news reports on your battery-powered radio: Will you be able to return within a few days? Or is the damage irreversible?


Spend the night holed up assessing the situation and waiting for any family or MAG stragglers. Leader: Lori Robinson The U. Northern Command in Colorado Springs, meaning she probably knows all sorts of classified information that will surely be useful after doomsday. After school, Miller started a bird chicken farm in his hometown of Dallas that, he told the Ringer website, will begin commercial production this year or next.

Sure, he contracted flesh-eating bacteria that supped on his little piggies, but as long as we find him a pair of shoes—and perhaps a loincloth—Wright should keep our bellies full. There are plants detailed in this book, some growing coast-to-coast but otherwise most found in the eastern half of the U.

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There are other additions that cover varying areas of the U. Set up in helpful chapters that cover pre-mountain prep, actual injury response, and what to do for specific conditions shock, injuries, etc. This handy little pocket guide book is literally virtually indestructible: it comes entirely waterproofed. Amongst survival books, this pocket-sized book is a must. While this might be a bit specific for folks more looking for a backcountry camping bag, there are a number of overlaps you can find from the suggestions in this book and what should go in an emergency preparedness kit.

As a kid, I was fascinated with learning how to build shelters.

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As an adult, I still love to glimpse into creative homes or shelters and see alternative ways of living. Another shelter handbook, but this time a little updated although, to be honest, survival books are all evergreen. With Jason A. Hunt, Ph. The two authors of this book combine, to cover topics that range from burns, bleeding, and bug bites, to more serious ailments such as strokes, head injuries, and even being struck by lightning.

Johnson covers everything from how to predict the weather from plants, to more terrifying caveats like swimming through burning oil. Their multi-use carabiner with a knife and a firestarter helps get your campfire crackling. When Tana isn't adventuring in the outdoors, she's writing about adventuring in the outdoors. Despite her travels, or perhaps because of them, she is in a constant state of wanderlust.