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Contract law is controlled by the state and is overridden by things like family law. There was the case of a gay couple in Indiana. They had all sorts of paperwork-- POA for finances and medical, wills etc. One of them got injured, can't remember how. Spinal, quadrepolegic. Indiana State law says that if you are over 18 and unmarried and the courts determine that you are incompetent to take care of yourself, your parents can assume custody automatically. His parents were evangelicals and hated his partner for "stealing" their son away from God. They took their son to court, had him declared incompetent to care for himself and all of the contracts signed meant nothing because state family law superceded contract law, according to the courts He ended up living with his parents who sent him to gay conversion camps every year.

They had been regulars at the Unicorn in Indianapolis, the entertainment director at the time was a regular at the porn store I worked third shift at for a couple of years. I learned all about just how bad the gay community had it with Indiana's strongly evangelical bent. It's got to be marriage, it can't be by normally executed contract. BolloxReader : the porn store I worked third shift at for a couple of years Threadjack - let's hear some stories! I hope it works out for them.


Such a wonderful book for any early teen. Menace From Earth also talked about things Boys Life was busy ignoring. Sounds like Lucky Pierre will have a lot of Oui' Oui' to play with Honestly the middle one looks like he's the father and the other two are his children who just came out as gay. Then the father said "Well what do you know, I'm also gay! Per Wikipedia: " From about Stranger in a Strange Land to Time Enough for Love , Heinlein explored some of his most important themes, such as individualism , libertarianism , and free expression of physical and emotional love. If it doesn't it will be the most entertaining divorce case ever to litigate.

Well, yeah, hence his marriage concept fitting perfectly with that philosophy. But it serves well to highlight a shortcoming of libertarianism: it's based around "I got mine, so fark you. Por que tan serioso. I fully expected this to be a story about officially allowing three people to ride a motorcycle. This appears to have been something that little fish was planning for this whole time.

Actually, the people pulling the strings behind the scenes are these two who know that their ability to wed must follow a certain path. As much as I am okay with poly lifestyle in theory for others, mind; I've got enough trouble dating one woman at a time , the legal recognition of multiple partners would have serious consequences for US law.

I'm just not sure how that gets resolved, though.

Gender and Sexuality

Do we eliminate spousal privilege? Do we specify one partner as the "primary" partner? Might have to come from redefining 'marriage' altogether. Most probably down to these kinds of facts. How does it go when two lesbians wish to marry? Is one the 'primary' spouse? How could it be legally different than, say, 3 guys being married? I understand what your point was regarding Elron.

I would assume that there would be a 'for business purposes' version for home-run-family-business. It might even come down to defining a 'marriage' AS a family business, or household corporation. Problems like that are kinda solving themselves at a local level here in Sweden, though. I've lived in 'family collectives' with some working parents and some stayhome - none are legally married, some have kids with each other, but the whole houshold acts and finances as a single family unit. BolloxReader: uber humper: It's got to be marriage, it can't be by normally executed contract.

Somethin' like this? There's nothing illegal about two guys getting married today. No sex needed. And they're not going to ask about your sexuality at the courthouse, they're just going to tell you to fill out the application. I was not aware of that. I still have concerns about how exactly it would be implemented, but I believe my main objection is gone. Not tremendously difficult but it would change everyone's taxes. Yeah, if something like that became law, it would be necessary to revamp inheritance laws, and attach an estate to an individual instead of a marriage relationship.

It's not fundamentally unworkable, it just adds a bit of complexity to the inheritance tax code. You could add alternative formulas for marriages where each individual intentionally maintained separate finances. Yup, that's the way I see it. Have promulgated forms for different situations. Got a super complex situation?

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Have a contract drafted. You wanna get "married" go to a "church" of your choice. And it's up to the church if they want to marry you. This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. Advertise on Fark. If you like these links, you'll love More funny for your money.

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    Gender and Sexuality

    Real funny. The one in the middle is the hottie. The one on the left is the primary boink The twink is the spare. Report Advertise on Fark If you like these links, you'll love More funny for your money. Links are submitted by members of the Fark community.

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