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The synopsis of the novel is a young Nobel Prize winner, economist Ravi, who has an urge to speak the truth, putting her and her family lives at risk. While Ravi is kidnapped and tortured, democracy and humanity in the world are threatened. To understand why and how Mr. Douglas wrote the novel, below is my recent interview with him in very candid conversation. VIOLET: I am totally amazed by the amount of information that you have in the book and how brilliantly you threaded it throughout the story.

How long did it take you to do the research? This idea was planted in me as a young child. They understood that the breath is our doorway to our spirit. But, back to my personal journey that began 50 years ago. When I was a young boy, one night a being came to me. I thought of it as an angel, having no other reference for such an experience. It lifted me out of bed.

At that young age I still slept with my Mom. We had a small modest home with 5 kids, and bed space was at a premium. My dog, Lady, slept on my other side. So, when this angel began to draw me up out of bed, I reached out for my Mom and my dog, and my hand went right through them.

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This being flew me through the night sky, I remember looking down and seeing the rooftops of all the buildings in town. The angel flew silently.

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You can imagine how exciting this feeling was for a young child. I can fly! I got better and began to fly higher and higher, up into the moonlit sky, doing great looping circles down between the Sunday school and Church and then back up into the limitless sky. It was incredible!

2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution

Then I became afraid, and held my breath, and tightened up and began to fall down to the brick alleyway between the buildings. Our flight ends with the contraction of fear. Faith is the opposite of fear. The angel was giving me a lesson in faith. It was imparting a truth, that the breath is what connects our physical body or reality to our spiritual world or nature. It was the breath, or the breathing, that was the portal that could join the two.

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Review: Violet Li, St. Douglas weaves a remarkable story and brilliantly shows us how we can solve critical issues, which are suffocating humanity, No wonder Steve Alten, New York Times best-selling novelist and author of MEG, recommends it "should be required reading for everyone on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Enjoy being led through a deep meditation by the author of The Awakening Then share this experience with friends.

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